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About H2O Specialists

If you're looking for a company that can meet all of your water needs for residential or commercial projects, count on H2O Specialists. Specializing in drinking water systems, water heaters, drain cleaning and water treatment, they have served the Kerrville, TX, area since 1999.

Experienced working with all types and brands of water heaters,this team will check out your water heater and make any repairs or install a new one if you're having problems. They also offer regular maintenance services to keep your water heater operating like new and prevent expensive failures.

H2O Specialists offers water softeners to remove unwanted minerals and lessen the chance for pipe scaling and damage to your plumbing system. Softeners also make water more suitable for everyday cleaning and ensure that you always have fresh, delicious drinking water.

Call the Guys today for any and all your plumbing need.

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